Synod School

Synod School offers week-long classes in personal and professional development and is open to everyone. Our 67th year brought 440 people from 22 states in 2021 — an amazing group in this COVID age.  Ordinarily Synod School annually draws more than 600 people of all ages from 27 states.

We invite you to participate in our 68th year!
July 24-29, 2022

Feb. 16, 2022, Triennium Announcement from Analise Brown, National Registrar for Presbyterian Youth Triennium
The Office of Presbyterian Youth and Triennium has come to the difficult but important decision to cancel the Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2022 in-person event. This is out of a deep desire to prioritize the safety and health of our participants and their communities – youth and adult volunteers from your churches. It feels heartbreaking but necessary to make this call and to share it with you today. Click here to read the public announcement made earlier today.

Elizabeth Hinson Hasty will lead adult convocations. Elizabeth currently chairs the Department of Thology and Religious studies at Bellarmine University, Louisville, Ky. Elizabeth Hinson Hasty

Alonzo Johnson will lead the youth convocations. Alonzo is the national coordinator for the Self-Development of People Program (SDOP) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Alonzo Johnson

Our evening worship leader is Tim Hughes Williams. Tim is pastor of Light Street Church in Baltimore. Tim Hughes Williams

Sara Sutter will be leading us in Morning Song and a Prayer. Sara is pastor of United Presbyterian Church of Goldfield, Iowa. Sara Sutter

Cathy M. Kolwey is our artist in Residence. Cathy is an artist, writer, and ordained pastor who has worked in churches at the intersection of spirituality and the arts for more than 20 years. Cathy Kolwey

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Churches and Presbyteries sending in scholarship checks, please include a list of the scholarship recipients and the amount each is to receive.

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When does online registration begin? Midnight on March 15.

This year blankets will not be provided! If you order linens you will still need to bring blankets. (catalog pg. 18)

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Churches and Presbyteries sending a scholarship check, please include a list of the scholarship recipients and the amounts for each.

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