Synod School

Experiencing Belonging was the 2022 theme.  The youth put this video together to show the many ways belonging occurs.  In the background,  you’ll hear part of their drumming experience! 🙂

More images of Experiencing Belonging.

Mark your calendars for July 23-28, 2023 for our 69th Synod School!

Leading up to Synod School:

  • October 1 = Deadline for teaching applications
  • March = Delivery of catalog
  • April 1 = Registration begins

Jimmie Hawkins will lead adult convocations. He is Director of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations (PMUN) and the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness.

Abbi Long will lead the youth convocations. A doctoral student in Special Education and a youth director for many years, she seeks to empower youth through Christian teachings about justice, love, and peace.

Our evening worship leader is DeEtte Decker. DeEtte is Acting Senior Director of Communications for the PC(USA).  Her business, communication, military, and ministry experience combine to form a unique and fresh perspective on our world, faith, and family.

Someone will be leading us in Morning Song and a Prayer.

Someone will be our artist in Residence.

Would you like to teach in 2023? Submit an application by October 1st.

Would you like to care for children or work with youth? Applications are encouraged by October 1st.

2022 Synod School Catalog

Countdown to Synod School


Where do I find …

Have a question about Synod School? Check out our Questions and Answers sheet. Also check out our FaceBook page.

When does online registration begin?

Remember that blankets are not provided ! If you order linens you will still need to bring blankets. (catalog pg. 18)  Only those who order linens will get a pillow.

Information about Buena Vista University & Storm Lake

What is the cost? Page 19 of the catalog has the information.

My catalog has not arrived. I thought I was on the mailing list. Contact us and we will be glad to help.

I would like to apply for a scholarship.  Please submit this Scholarship Application Form. Scholarships will be finalized in early June.

Churches and Presbyteries sending a scholarship check, please include a list of the scholarship recipients and the amounts for each.

Synod School 2022 Highlights

Youth video on Experiencing Belonging:

Children’s Time with Worship led by Tim Hughes-Williams:

Tuba and Xylophone duet for morning worship (Sara Sutter on xylophone and Nathan Lamb on tuba):

Strangers no more.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some…